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November 2015
Attention To Tax Code Provisions Urged (55k pdf) 11/20/2015
The NCC joined other agricultural organizations on a letter to House and Senate leadership requesting that they act as soon as possible to address the numerous provisions of the tax code (i.e. tax extenders) that expired on Dec. 31, ’14.
Letter Seeks Support For NCC’s Cottonseed Policy (154k pdf) 11/20/2015
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Conaway (R-TX) and Ranking Member Peterson (D-MN) circulated a letter to their House colleagues across the Cotton Belt seeking signatures in support of the cottonseed policy being pursued by NCC.
Senators Urged to Keep Crop Insurance Intact (84k pdf) 11/20/2015
As part of a coalition representing a cross section of agricultural organizations, the NCC signed onto a letter delivered to all Senators thanking those who came to the defense of crop insurance during the recent budget debate and urging Senators to uphold the promise to make the crop insurance program whole again without re-opening the farm bill.
Extension Sought On Pesticides Registration Review 11/13/2015
The NCC submitted a 60-day extension request for more time to review EPA’s pesticide registration review of draft human health and ecological risk assessments for sulfonylureas and other pesticides -- including organophosphates. The request highlighted seven specific chemicals used in crop protection products that are of significant importance to the cotton industry.
Letter Urges Swift Surface Transportation Enactment (98k pdf) 11/13/2015
The NCC joined other agricultural organizations on a letter to House and Senate conferees expressing support for prompt enactment of multi-year surface transportation legislation.
Letter Conveys Port Performance Act Support 11/06/2015
The NCC joined with numerous agricultural, agribusiness, transportation and other organizations on a letter to House Members in support of an amendment to include the “Port Performance Act” in a six-year surface transportation bill.
Letter Supports Amendment Creating CDL Pilot Program (82k pdf) 11/06/2015
The NCC joined a coalition of other agriculture organizations on a letter in support of Rep. Crawford’s (R-AR) amendment that would create a commercial driver's license pilot program as part of six-year surface transportation legislation.
Letter Urges CFTC Agriculture Representation (9k pdf) 11/06/2015
The NCC, along with 16 other agricultural organizations, sent a letter to the President citing a need for someone with agricultural markets knowledge in regards to the current open position for a democratic commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
STAX Modifications Bulletin Issued (32k pdf) 11/03/2015
USDA's Nov. 3 information memorandum PM-15-052 to all approved insurance providers, Risk Management Agency (RMA) field offices and all other interested parties, stated that after considering feedback and input from various program participants during the 2015 insurance year, RMA is making several modifications to the STAX program as follows: 1) allow producers to elect a zero percent coverage range by practice; 2) allow Written Agreements that affect insurable acreage to apply to STAX; and 3) make STAX coverage available for cottonseed through an optional endorsement.
Surface Transportation Bill Support Letter Sent (202k pdf) 11/03/2015
The NCC joined with multiple agricultural producer, commodity and agribusiness organizations on a Nov. 3 letter to all House Members urging them to support passage of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 3763) when it is considered on the House floor (via H.R. 22).