Gin Training Seminars

2021 Gin Training Seminar Schedule and Registration

The Gin Training Seminars were held by Zoom on April 6, 13, and 20.  4 hours for each session will be awarded for Continuing Education Credit, so if a Certified Ginner attends all three sessions, they will have fulfilled their 12-hour Continuing Education requirement.  These sessions will not count towards gin school course levels I, II, or III and are not intended to be a substitute for gin school coursework.  The Certified Ginner Exams will not be offered in 2021.

April 6 Session I Video -

April 13 Session II Video -

April 13 Session III Video -


Ginning Seminar Session Outline

WEEK ONE - Tuesday, April 6


Introduction to Cotton Ginning and Cotton Classing


Introduction to Cotton Ginning


Cotton Classing




Harvesting and Seed Cotton Unloading


Harvesting and Storage Systems


Plastic Contamination




Pneumatics, Fans, and Cyclones


Air Measuring Procedures


Air Measurement Theory and Practice


Air Requirements of Gin Machines.


Cyclone Operation/Theory, Maintenance of Cyclones, Condensers




Drying and Moisture Restoration Systems


Moisture Restoration


Basic Principles of Drying 


Drying Systems


Temp. Sensing and Locations


Burner Sel., Operation and Maintenance




WEEK TWO - Tuesday, April 13

Safety in the Gin

Safety Responsibility

Lockout Tagout

Equipment Guarding

Safety Training

Personal Protective Equipment


Purpose and Operating Principles of Individual Gin Machines

Seedcotton Cleaning - Cylinder Cleaners

Stick Machines and Extractor Feeders

Overview of Saw Gin Stands and Maintenance

Air Jet and Saw Type Lint Cleaners

Overview of Adjustments and Maintenance of Lint Cleaners

Overview of Roller Gin Stand and Maintenance

WEEK THREE - Tuesday, April 20

Power Transmission/Gears/Pulleys and Speed Calculations

Power Transmission Equipment

Gears/Pulleys, Speed Calculation


Electricity in the Gin

Electrical Systems

Electricity in the Gin


Hydraulics and Lint Packaging (Bale Press)

Basic Hydraulics

Survey of Hyd. Use in Gins

Basic Repairs and Safety

Press Operations

Bale Packaging


Cottonseed Handling and Storage

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