2004 Mid-Year Board Meeting

News and reports from the NCC's 2004 mid-year board meeting in Asheville, NC.

August 27, 2004
Rack Sample Study Committee Report
Bill Bowen, chairman of the NCC's Rack Sample Study Committee, provided NCC directors an update.
August 26, 2004
Istanbul Initiative and Textile Safeguards
Cass Johnson, president of the National Council of Textile Organizations, briefed NCC directors on the Istanbul Initiative and textile safeguards.
Committee For the Advancement of Cotton
Bruce Heiden, chairman of the Committee For the Advancement of Cotton, updated NCC directors on the status of CAC support.
Trade Policy Issues
The WTO Panel Report has not been translated as of the date of this paper. Once translation is complete, the United States will appeal the decision that apparently went against the U.S. cotton program. The appeal will take 90 days from its initiation. Should the U.S. lose all or parts of the appeal, it will have a reasonable time to comply with the ruling.
Washington Report
NCC Vice President John Maguire provided an update of cotton issues being addressed in Washington, DC.
Cotton Council International Report
CCI President Robert Norris said if the U.S. is going to produce 18-20 million bale crops and export 12 to 14 million as fiber and another 3 or 4 million as manufactured product, then our trade policies and export promotion programs must ultimately be successful ones.
Cotton Foundation Report
For 2003-2004, the Foundation was able to direct more than $420,000 in support of 33 general research and education efforts.
Economic Update
NCC Economist Gary Adams said a record world crop is expected, thus current estimates suggest a rebuilding of stocks, and the price outlook hinges on final crop size and China’s imports.
Report of the NCC Chairman
Woody Anderson describes the Council's efforts in the months since Annual Meeting. Chief among these have been the defense of the U.S. farm program and influencing the outcome of trade negotiations.