Explanation of Mandatory Reporting Requirements Found in Amendment 2 to the (USDA CCC-823) Cotton Storage Agreement

USDA’s Storage Contract Branch Chief Steve Searcy issued a letter reminding warehouse operators that new mandatory weekly reporting of the warehouse’s cotton flow is required.

Published: February 8, 2007
Updated: February 8, 2007
  • Since 01/07/07, KCCO and the approved Providers have contacted those warehouses that appeared on the Delinquent Reports. KCCO will contact all warehouses by phone that appear on this week’s Delinquent Report as the final non-strike advisory before full compliance begins next week.
  • The transmittal letters (see link below) dated 02/05/07 were sent this Tuesday and the reporting clock begins with this mandatory reporting week that will be due on Monday 02/12/07. FSA will run a delinquent report on Thursday 02/15/07, warehouses on this list will receive their first strike and KCCO will notify those warehouse operators by phone. The next report will be on Tuesday 02/20/07, due to Monday 02/19/07 being a federal holiday.
  • Each warehouse with a Cotton Storage Agreement must report (including warehouses with no activity and/or no cotton inventory) by their CCC warehouse code(s) through an approved EWR Provider each week, no exceptions. 
  • Any cotton bale who’s EWR is not canceled by the close of the next business day after shipment will not be included in any present or future BMAS calculation or report. 
  • Cotton bales shipped on Friday or Saturday, for which their EWRs are canceled the next business day of Monday or Tuesday when Monday is a holiday, should be included as bales shipped in calculating BMAS and completing the Flow report for that week.  Note: Warehouse operators must be consistent in the manner that they handle and report these bales throughout the reporting year. Bales are to be never double counted in calculating BMAS and /or cotton flow reporting.

For additional information contact:
Paul Rodriguez
USDA-FSA Contract Compliance
USDA, Commodity Operations
Warehouse and Inventory Division
Kansas City, MO

See Dear warehouse operator letter